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can i deposit a check with my maiden name

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Change bank account to married name- hhmm well, what would the knock on affect be - would all credit cards, direct debits etc also have to be changed too.. I changed my name following marriage 5 years ago but sometimes I still get cheques in my maiden name. The other solution? If you've just changed your name and are receiving checks in your new name, you may need to show your bank documentation of your new identify before you can deposit them. _____ Please keep in mind that information in this forum is for informational purposes only. Can I still deposit it? Bank Of America: New Bride Can’t Deposit Wedding Checks Because She Didn’t Take Husband’s Name. NickJ. I sign my maiden name since that is what is at the top of the check. The question was - Can I cash my sister's check with her ID at another bank if she banks with Bank of America and so does her paycheck? If a wedding check is made out to both of you, make sure that you both sign it before depositing 3. You can't have an account in your maiden name, Santander tells customer. Santander changed the surname on one of a customer's two current accounts to prevent her having one in her maiden name … I deposited wedding checks written to my maiden, married and misspelled last names with zero issues! Another common checking issue for newlyweds is checks written out to both names. marriage) and the customer can provide documentary proof (a legal linking document such as a marriage certificate to prove the link between the names or in the case of divorce, a birth certificate to show the maiden name), it is normally acceptable for a financial institution to process the cheque. Note that whichever way you deposit or cash it has no impact on your tax situation - it still counts for whatever it counts, if it has any tax relevance. As far as using your maiden name, you can deposit the check into the account with your new name. I hope this doesn't delay my refund being deposited on it. 0. I got a check from a class action suit but it was issued in my maiden name. Check with your bank. I recently went back to using my maiden name, and to change this with the bank I had to take in my deed poll document to show the change. We rarely write checks, so it hasn't been worth it to re-order at any point in the last 5 years. The only options they gave are: go back to the insurers and request a new cheque in maiden name. So she does business in that name but may be known by a different name in her personal life. We pointed it out to make sure it wasn't an issue, and they didn't bat an eye at it. Nov More from forums. I've been married for a very long time and still get checks in my maiden name from a stock I own. When I asked if there was a policy on how long after marriage they stop accepting the woman's maiden name he wouldn't … You can use your certified marriage certificate to deposit checks made out to your married name 4. One day a bank employee told me that I could add an Also Known As name to my bank account - I've now done so with accounts at two different banks, and each time I had to speak with someone higher up than the teller in order to get the thumbs up. You have two valid legal names, you're not obliged to change it just because you got married. Or am I worried for no reason.

You will need to ask your bank how you can do a change of name, but you may well need official documents to do this. When all else fails…use the … The cheque was in my maiden name and the account I wanted it to go into was held in my married name. All numbers match like SS#, acct#, drivers license# and etc. For example, one teller cashes my wife's check, but other one asks me for ID. A check endorsed this way can be deposited into a bank account but not cashed. Is it possible to deposit this cheque? Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. For example, a doctor who got married may choose to keep her maiden name is it matches that on her medical degree on the wall in her surgery. But the problem is that my spouse live in overseas. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. Wedding Check Deposit Tips: 1. Learn more here. 0 0. rachael. You can always cash a check that is issued in your maiden name or your old married name. Yeah, you should be fine. I had did business in my maiden name. I hypenated my name so there is . Otherwise SS records will continue to reflect your maiden name. I always just sign it with … I think it depends on the amount - £40 probably not an issue, £4000 might be more difficult. Then got divorced and went back to my maiden name. It was a high-value cheque (after selling a car that was registered in my maiden name), but I took along the marriage certificate and supporting car reg/sales docs, and they let it go through no problem at all. Generally, a bank will want to see a government-issued ID card in your new name or a certified copy of your name change document. I have been sent a cheque in my maiden name. If a cheque is made out to more than one person, it has to be paid into a joint account. A branch of Bank of America in Albany, New York, refused to let a new bride deposit her wedding checks because she kept her maiden name, her husband Pete Iorizzo wrote in the Albany Times-Union, where he covers news and sports. When I went cash the check, my bank said that my spouse need to be present before I can cash the check. Have tried that - no they say. Yes. I have requested a new cheque in my married name, but they are refusing to do so. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. I hope this helps! If you recently got married, you likely still have ID in your maiden name. The bank will accept a deposit into the account regardless of who tries to do it. The got married and did business in my married name. Add a comment × Reply. Create a joint bank account BEFORE your wedding 2. If the name on the cheque differs to the account name because you have changed your name (e.g. This is because the name written on the cheque has to match the name of the account holder for security purposes. I amended my 2016 tax return to married filing jointly and the refund check is issued with both spouse name on it. Thought about another bank for just married name but they will likely need at least 2 pieces of ID in married name - … We have a joint account, but aren't married. Then you can cash it. You can certainly deposit your daughter's check into your account, considering that she is a minor. Everything else matches except the last name on my debit card and on the w2. You will be asked to endorse the check with your maiden name and then your married name. I had a copy of my marriage license put on file at the bank, and have it set up so that if I get something in my maiden name, I let them know, and then I sign both names on the back of the check (like I'm signing it over to my … Download. It is fine to deposit it either way, the bank won't care. Even if they do cash your check, you’ll have to pay a small fee every time. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development.

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