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seleucus and chandragupta

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Details of the conflict are lacking. The Mauryans had annexed the areas governed by four such satraps: Nicanor, Phillip, Eudemus and Peithon. Another Greek ambassador to the Mauryan court at Pataliputra was Dimakos. With the war elephants acquired from the Mauryas, Seleucus was able to defeat his rival, Antigonus, along with his allies at the Battle of Ipsus. Chandragupta’s son Bindusara extended the rule of the Mauryan dynasty, towards the central and the Southern India. The war ended in 301 BCE by the signing of a treaty. At the start, Chandragupta acquired northern parts which were under the Nanda rule, and then he declared war against Nicator in … Adding Antigonus's territories to his own, Seleucus would found the Seleucid Empire, which would endure as a great power in the Mediterranean and the Middle East until 64 BCE. Also, Agathocles of Sicily declared himself king around the same time. The Greek diplomat Megasthenes is an important source of Mauryan history. His daughter Helena married Chandragupta Maurya. After the war, the Mauryan Empire emerged as the dominant power of the Indian Subcontinent, and the Seleucid Empire turned its attention toward defeating its rivals in the west. Chandragupta Maurya won the battle against Seleucid Empire. The treaty ended the Seleucid–Mauryan war and allowed Chandragupta control of the regions it was warring for. Since Seleucus was busy on the western borders, Chandragupta took this opportunity to attack and assassinate two Macedonian satrapies, Nicanor of Parthia and Philip, son of Machatas. While Seleucus has a mere 4 generals under him, Chandragupta has an astounding 12 commanders under him. Based on these, the northwest reach of his empire included parts of present-day Afghanistan that Seleucus I Nicator ceded to him including Kabul, Kandahar and Gandhara. Seleucus and Chandragupta also agreed to a marriage alliance, probably the marriage of Seleucus' daughter to Chandragupta. The war ended in a settlement resulting in the annexation of the Indus Valley region and part of Afghanistan to the Mauryan Empire, with Chandragupta securing control over the areas that he had sought, and a marriage alliance between the two powers. Mamulanar, the famous Tamil poet of the Sangam literature, also describes how the Deccan Plateau was invaded by the Maurya army. Megasthenes was a Greek ambassador of Seleucus I Nicator in the court of Chandragupta Maurya. Taking a sword and cut open Durdhara’s womb to save the child. As per Chankaya’s advice, Chandragupta Maurya then invited Seleucus for a meeting and proposed the alliance of Helena with Chandragupta. Seleucus I Nicator, Macedonian army officer who founded the Seleucid kingdom. It started when Seleucus I Nicator, of the Seleucid Empire, sought to retake the Indian satrapies of the Macedonian Empire which had been occupied by Emperor Chandragupta Maurya, of the Maurya Empire. Despite the fact that we know virtually nothing about it except for it's occurence, and that Chandragupta gained vast territories in the east afterwards, including Arachosia, Gedrosia, and Paropamisadae, and in return, Seleucus recieved 500 elephants from him, while it might be an exaggeration, they were still crucial to defeating his rival Antigonus at Ipsus. One special mention was the historian Megasthenes, who wrote a famous book entitled “Indica”, giving a detailed account of his stay at the Mauryan court and of Chandragupta Maurya. In consequence of their arrangement, Seleucus received 500 war elephants from Chandragupta Maurya, which subsequently influenced the Wars of the Diadochi in the west. Chandragupta overthrew the Nanda power in Magadha and then campaigned in central and northern India. Later Chandragupta Maurya Married Helena who was Seleucus’ daughter and then entered into an alliance with Seleucus. And it was Chandragupta Maurya, who conquered the North India, raised an alarm to Seleucus about the growing power of Chandragupta Maurya. Per Appian. Chandragupta Maurya defeated the Macedonian satrapies in the northwest of the Indian subcontinent. So he decided to save the unborn child. Seleucus Nicator ceded the Hindu Kush, Punjab and parts of Afghanistan to Chandragupta Maurya. It is unknown if there was in fact a pitched battle. Chandragupta came into conflict with Seleucus Nicator, Alexander’s heir in the east, the idea being the reduction of the Greek power and gaining in own territory and strength. Chandragupta Maurya’s empire post his victory over Seleucus extending to Seleucid Persia (Maps of India) The fate of Anatolia and Syria lay in the balance. Seleucus then moved to the east in pursuit of re-capturing Indian satrapies of the Macedonian Empire, which were then occupied by Emperor Chandragupta Maurya of the Maurya Empire.

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