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assam agricultural university act

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(2) The Registrar shall be responsible for the due custody of the records and the common seal of the University. (iv) He shall formulate and present policies to the Board of Studies of the College for its consideration without prejudice to the right of any member, to present any matter to the respective Board of Studies. No honorary degree shall be conferred unless the proposal have received the 4/5th majority vote in both the Council and the Board. (e) After interviewing the candidates the Selection Committee would recommend at least three persons in order of preference to the Board of Management for final approval of the panel of names. (f) Deputy Directors of Student Welfare-Members. The Academic Council shall constitute the following Committees : (1) The Campus Committee for Students' Welfare shall consist of the following : The Vice-Chancellor may co-opt any other members to secure adequate representation of different fields of Agriculture. (4) All matters relating to superannuation and re-employment of University employees shall be prescribed subject to approval of the State Government. (a) to review and consider the financial requirements and estimates for the University and approve its budget ; (b) to approve the recommendations for appointment of officers, teachers and other staff of the University in the manner prescribed ; (c) to provide for the administration of any fund placed at the disposal of the University for the purpose intended ; (d) to arrange for investment and withdrawal of funds of the University; (e) to borrow money for capital improvements and make suitable arrangements for its repayment; (f) to provide for accepting, acquiring, holding and disposal of property on behalf of the University ; (g) to direct the form and use of the common seal of the University ; (h) to appoint such committees, either standing or temporary as the Board may consider necessary and determining the terms of reference thereof within the limitations of the Act or the Statutes ; (i) to determine and regulate all policies relating to the University in accordance with this Act or the Statutes ; (j) to make financial provisions for instruction, reaching and training in such branches of learning and courses of study as determined by the Academic Council within the purposes of this Act ; and for the research and the advancement and dissemination of knowledge ; (k) to provide for the establishment and for the maintenance of the Colleges, hostels, laboratories, experimental farms, and other facilities necessary for carrying out the purposes of this Act; (l) to make provisions of instituting and conferring degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic distinctions ; (m) to provide for institution, maintenance and awards of scholarships, fellowships, studentships, medals, prizes, etc. (i) to exercise such other powers and perform such other duties as may be conferred or imposed on it by or under the provisions of this Act. (vii) In formulating the extension policies and programmes of he University he shall work in close consultation with the Deans of College and Director of Research. (g) Attend to other duties as may be required by the Dean concerned. Other conditions of service of the officers will be governed by the relevant portions of conditions as prescribed in these Statutes vide Chapter 9. (ix) He shall exercise board administrative control over : (ii) research funds allotted for this purpose, and. the Duties of the Officers of the University, Manner of appointment of officer of the University-. (b) to recognise the examinations of the recognised Universities, equivalent to the corresponding examinations of the Assam Agricultural University. (d) Department of Mathematics & Statistics. The Chairman of the Board shall be entitled to vote and if the votes be equally divided he shall have a second or casting vote. - The Assam Agricultural University has full authority to perform all acts and issue such directions as may be considered necessary to the attainment of the objects enunciated under Section 5 of the Assam Agricultural University Act, 1968. (3) The Vice-Chancellor shall ensure the faithful observance of the provisions of this Act, the Statutes and the Regulations. (3) All Colleges, research and experimental stations or other institutions coming under the jurisdiction and authority of this University will be under the full management and control of the University Officers and authorities. (3) In order that the University may conduct such educational activities, the State Government shall transfer to the University the necessary personnel, facilities and funds in accordance with a plan to be developed and mutually agreed upon by the Board and the State Government. The accounts when audited shall be printed and published in the official Gazette and the copies thereof, together with the audit report, shall be presented by the Vice-Chancellor to the Board and to the Vice-Chancellor. 200. Powers, Functions & Duties of the Deans of Colleges. Call For Papers: Modern Socio-Legal Issue at Legal Humming: Submit Now ! (4) There shall be a Dean for each Faculty who shall be chosen in such manner and for such term as may be prescribed. (d) "Faculty" means the teaching, and extension staff of a College or division of the University including members of the staff having the rank of Assistant Professor and above. (4) The Vice-Chancellor my, by writing under the hand addressed to the Chancellor, resign his office. bills subject to the Assam Government T.A. (vi) He shall guide and supervise the working of the Information Section dealing with the publication Audio-visual aids, radio, press and other materials directed to the successful implementation of the extension education programmes. (d) The establishment and abolition of hostels maintained by the University. ; (n) to accept on behalf of the University, trust, bequests and donations ; (o) to meet at such times and at such places as it considers necessary ; provided that it shall hold regular meetings at every two months and at least half of such meetings shall be held at same branch of the University; and. Here in this post, we are going to give you some significant pieces of information about this state’s agricultural research and educational institution. (4) The headquarters of the University shall be at Jorhat with such arrangements as may be necessary for the development of the constituent colleges including provisions for research and disseminations of the result to research and extension programme. A r cl

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